Objective Improve business decision-making, with underutilized data and statistical analysis.
Methods R (tidyverse), SAS, SQL; Regression Analysis, Time Series Forecasting

Work Experience

Bank of America Mar. 2020 - Present

Risk Strategy Analyst

  • Code backtests to evaluate competing home price prediction models.
  • Build R Markdown workflows for automated monitoring of home price prediction accuracy.

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Jan. 2017 - Mar. 2020

Economic Programmer/Analyst - Regional Economy Research Mar. 2018 - Mar. 2020

  • Backtested predictive models of 12-month job growth for Texas metros, in R. Examined 200 potential economic predictors using conventional time series models and machine learning algorithms. Recommended a simple historical average forecast strategy, based on model errors.
  • Re-built Texas monthly employment growth ‘nowcasting’ forecast model in R, from existing SAS code. Reduced program run-time to minutes, from 4 hours originally. Adapted this approach to also forecast quarterly revisions to Texas job growth.
  • Compiled a database of select Federal Reserve branches’ manufacturing survey microdata. Automated monthly update procedure (data processing and validation).
  • Analyzed business establishment relocations to Texas, using the National Establishments Time Series SQL database. Presented co-authored article to Houston Branch’s Board of Directors and San Antonio Branch’s banking council.
  • Maintained and updated legacy SAS code for processing of regional economic data products: Texas employment, state-level trade-weighted value of the dollar, and Texas Business Outlook Surveys.

Research Analyst - Regional Economy Research Jan. 2017 - Mar. 2018

  • Executed existing SAS code and wrote new R code for “At the Heart of Texas” report, an analysis of employment and wages across Texas metros’ major industries.
  • Assisted in research for Bank memos to the President, FOMC briefings, Regional Economy magazine, and web publications.


  • Texas A&M Master’s in Statistics (4.00/4.00) Fall 2018 - Spring 2021 (exp.)
    • Electives: Multivariate Analysis and Statistical Learning, Time Series, Bayesian Methods, Spatial Statistics
  • Purdue University Bachelor’s in Economics, Minor in Math (4.00/4.00) Fall 2013 - Dec. 2016


Co-Authored Dallas Fed Publications

  • Orrenius, Pia, Madeline Zavodny, and Alex Abraham. 2020. The Effect of Immigration on Business Dynamics and Employment. Working Paper 2004, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.
  • At the Heart of Texas: Texas Metros Employment and Wages Report (link)
  • Texas Top-Ranked State for Firm Relocations (link)
  • Gone to Texas: Migration Vital to Growth in the Lone Star State (link)
  • Domestic Migration to Texas Slows as National Labor Markets Tighten (link)
  • Dallas Fed’s Texas Jobs Estimates Provide Early, Accurate Assessment (link)